Structural Steel Truss Fabrication

End Use: Warehouse building for an online shop company
Project Started & Completed: May 2019- July 2019
Total Weight: 900 tons
• Purchasing Raw Material (with 3.1 certificate)
• Structural Steel Fabrication according to EN 1090-EXC2.
• Transportation to Site (DDP/Netherlands)

Location: Netherlands

Project had time constraints and our foremost aim was to meet the deadline.

The box profiles (600 tons-S275JR-S355JR) were ordered from a local mill and delivered within 2 weeks to our manufacturing facility.

The steel trusses measured a length of 23,5 meter each, to increase our efficiency we redesigned the fit-up and welding area. Also, the storage area was arranged outdoors.

The first 450 tons was ready to ship within 45 days after initial order. YENA utilized a full vessel from Wagenborg (see picture) to ship the goods from Istanbul port to Delfzijl Port in the Netherlands.

Local transportation from factory to Istanbul Port and from Delfzijl Port to client site was arranged by special 24-meter trucks seen in the pictures.

The second and final lot was ready for delivery 30 days after our first shipment and was sent to Antwerp port.  ( Belgium )Here again, transport to clients site took place by 24-meter trucks.


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