Metal Machinery Parts

YENA team would like to support your company by providing the required machinery parts with low cost and high quality according to your drawing and specifications.
We are capable of fabricating machinery parts both as carbon and stainless steel for;

  • Agricultural Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Heavy Industry

YENA’s fabrication procedures are according to ISO 9000, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, EN 1090-1 and EN 3834 certifications. We are able to use specific welding and forming methods for different material types. Additionally, all our fabricated machinery part products are CE stamped.
We utilize our manufacturing methods for heavy metal fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, metal forming, welding, painting, and transportation to your facility.

Our Services for the Manufacturing of Machinery Parts

Plasma Cutting
Our facilities provide high-quality surfaces within a short time.

CNC Lathe
We ensure high surface quality and geometric accuracy within minimized process times with 3 and 4-axis machines.

Our facilities provide drilling processes including boring, countersinking, tapping, and reaming.

Depending on the specifications and requirements of customers, horizontal and vertical CNC milling machines are supported.

Vertical Machining
CNC 4 axis Vertical machining center is used to increase the quality of machining operations which can be done with traditional milling, drilling, or even lathe machines, to minimize the process times.

Abkant Twisting
Various bending molds and tools are used for bending to get a wide range of processes in our facilities.

Heat Treatment
According to customer requirements, we also provide heat treatment processes.

MIG MAG TIG SMAW welding processes are performed in our facilities. High-quality welding with a range of 0.5 mm to 30 mm is provided by certified welders conforming to EN-9606.

Powder Painting
Epoxy, polyester, and polyurethane powder coatings are used to produce our products. Smooth, rough, matte, semi-dull, and bright powder coating operations are performed according to your desires.

Manual and automatic sandblasting machines are used to increase the paint quality of our products.

Shipment is done within the shortest time while ensuring the safety of the products with packaging according to export standards.
We provide a significant price advantage on your machine part sourcing by using our wide range of connections. Outsourcing metal machine parts to the right supplier will give the companies the chance to focus on their core businesses.

You can read further about our services here


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