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YENA Engineering

YENA Engineering BV is a highly qualified metalworking company that has 15 years of experience in the sector.

We support our clients with high-quality alternatives by managing over 12 factories from low-cost countries and promptly delivering orders to our clients.

We aim to reduce your workload and costs with our experienced project management and QA/QC teams.

High quality Low costs Less workload
Delivery in time Excellent documentation %100 client satisfaction goal

Keys of Our Service

Project Management

Project Managers of YENA know well the capacity and technical capabilities of these factories. Relevant Project Manager directly checks the project’s needs and asks the right questions to understand the project’s technical requirements exactly when a client requests a quotation. In the end, the relevant project manager decides on the right factory/factories, follows all processes regularly and reports to the client weekly.

Quality Assurance /Quality Control

Quality & Production team of YENA consists of experienced engineers in all production processes. They create detailed inspection and test plans before production starts. They regularly control all the phases of production according to ITP and report all processes. They ensure that the projects are produced at the desired quality standards and on time.

YENA Engineers is familiar with high technical specifications and international standards, YENA has ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO18001, EN1090-1, ISO 3834-2 certificates


  • CNC machining: Milling, Turning, Cutting, Drilling, Bending
  • Fit-up: Precise fit-up application before welding in piping and for other services.
  • Welding: Automatic, semi-automatic and manual welding methods. Always applied by certified welders.
  • Finishing: Cleaning, burnishing
  • Surface treatment: Sandblasting, Painting, E. powder coating, Galvanizing
  • Induction / Hot bending of Pipes


YENA Engineering offers specific packaging instructions according to the needs of each project and determines the fastest and most suitable logistics options.

Our Achievements


Years in the sector


Top Engineers


Tons of production




Partner Factory



Why working with YENA

Brilliant Team

YENA employees consist of dynamic and talented engineers who are experts in their fields.

Saving time & money

  • Project and production teams work together to decide on the correct YENA factory based on pricing, quality, delivery term and other requirements.
  • We aim to give you the right quotation to avoid any surprises after the order in 24 hours.

Easy to Adapt

YENA engineers determine the most suitable production, documentation and logistics options according to the requirements of your project and ensure supplier compliance quickly.

Custom Production

In addition to mass production methods, YENA offers special production options for special steel parts.

Reduce Supply Risks

We know it is very hard to change the supplier and make them understand your needs correctly. Before the order, our engineers evaluate your request in detail and decide on the correct factory based on:

  • Quality
  • Delivery Term
  • Cost and other requirements

Accurate Communication on Time

Project managers of YENA, work meticulously to avoid any mistakes by providing the most accurate information and suggestions during the project’s proposal, production and logistics stages on time.


Deliver industrial products at specified quality, at the right time, combined with competitive prices.



Being a technology company that connects industrial producers and buyers, and solves their operational and technical problems.


  1. Sky is the limit!
  2. Do what you say, say what you do!
  3. Accurate communication, on time.
  4. Do more with less.
  5. Never stop learning, improve what you do.
  6. Mutual benefit is the key.
  7. We are customer obsessive.

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