All-inclusive Pressure Tanks

YENA Engineering is able to supply pressure tanks, including the design, manufacturing, QA/QC, and shipment to your site. We produce carbon, alloy, duplexes, and stainless steel in different grades, pressures, and temperature conditions.
Our products are designed and fabricated according to ASME Sec. VIII Div.1 and are API Code certified. These include industrial pressure vessels, pressurized tanks, and process tanks/vessels. We are able to produce vessels with the ASME U, UM, and UV stamps.

We use TIG/MIG/MAG/SAW/SMAW welding methods and work with welders certified by ASME and AWS. In addition to this, we can apply cladding on surface heads and shell plates. YENA Engineering can include internal and external assemblies such as valves, fittings, flanges, measurement equipment, and others.
• Up to 240 inches diameter.
• Thickness range from 3/8” to 6-1/2”
• Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex and Stainless Steel.
• Pressure ratings up to 8000 psi.
• We offer storage tanks for various industries with different grades of steel, produced according to API & AWWA specifications.
• QA/QC and HSE

Pressure Vessels:
YENA Engineering provides pressure vessels like pressure tanks with a wide range of material grades and thicknesses. Our facilities are ASME U and S code certified manufacturers for related products.

Heat Exchangers:
YENA Engineering is able to provide shell & tube heat exchangers and is pleased to offer custom design and manufacturing of heat exchangers.

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