Structural Steel Parts

Manufacturing of Structural Steel Parts for Bridges, Skyscrapers, Roof Systems, and Commercial Buildings.

Pipe Spools and Skid Units

Manufacturing and Erection Solutions for Chemical Industries, Power Plants, Offshore and Marine.

Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessel and Tank Manufacturing According to ASME and PED for Chemical, Oil & Gas, Food, Energy, Offshore, Marine and Other Sectors.

Marine Piping and Metal Works

All kind of Structural Steel, Pipe Spool, Tank and Pipe Support Manufacturing According to Related Marine Classifications.

Hot Induction Bends

Hot Induction Pipe Bending Up to 10D Radius.

Metal Machinery Parts

CNC Machining, Welding, Laser Cutting, Drilling, Milling, Lathe for Agricultural, Automotive, Defense, and Other Industrial Machinery Applications.



YENA has long term lease contracts with 11 factories.
YENA Welding engineers have full control on the procedures and the fabrications.

We are flexible with order sizes.
Throughout the years we had contracts between 1000 € to 2,050,000 €.

For each project YENA assigns a project manager, and a QAE. (Quality Assurance Engineer)
The QAE works in the factory full-time during the project.

YENA engineers can support our clients to draft an ITP based on the project.
However final ITP should be approved by the client.

We have 2 full-time IWE, 2 contracted IWE and 7 welding engineers working in the contracted factories.

This varies on each project, for example, YENA previously managed to engineer, produce, and deliver a very urgent project of a tank terminal in Amsterdam within 20 days.
3 days – TEKLA layouts & fabrication drawings.
2 days – material procurement
8 days – Steel fabrication
2 days – Galvanizing
5 days – Truck delivery and Customs operations in Netherlands.


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