Hot Induction Bends

YENA Engineering offers a different range of hot induction bent carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, low and high-temperature steel pipes for Power, Oil&Gas, Construction, Chemical Industries. We are able to bend pipes according to EN 15590-1 and customer technical specifications.
We supply precision manufacturing and narrow dimensional tolerances in wall thickness reduction, ovality, bending radius, and angles. YENA facilities can bend both seamless and welded pipes between the range of 3D-10D bending radius.

Hot Induction Bending Process is performed by locally heating the pipe that can be bent without much effort.
We will be glad to quote your inquiries for induction bent API5L Gr: B, X42, X46, X52, X60, X65, and also European norm pipes. Hot bending of pipes (above 750°C) protects the mechanical properties of the material and post bending heat treatment like normalizing, stress relief heat treatment is also available at our facilities.
In final inspection, we do dimensional and visual controls, hydro test, 100% NDT on welds to provide minimum tolerances on bends.

Properties of Hot Induction Bends

• From ½” to 32” diameter of seamless pipe bending, From 12” to 60” welded pipe bending.
• Bending radius ranges are between 3D-10D.
• Bending angles are between 0°-180°.
• We solve big sizes bent pipes’ transportation difficulties by our logistics partner for you.


Our aim is to provide our services and products with high quality. Our experienced QC Team does dimensional checks, visual control, and other non-destructive testing methods on welds and raw materials. All welding methods are done according to approved procedures and are applied by certified welders. All steps of procurement/manufacturing/testing/shipment of our hot induction bends are documented by our QA team.
We are sensitive to our health and safety policy during manufacturing. Our aim is always to reduce work accidents to ZERO. We provide all raw materials with MSDS and raw material certificates.

Benefits of Hot Induction Bending

Better Mechanical Properties:
The hot induction bend method ensures the mechanical properties of the main pipe comparing with cold bend and welded solutions.
Reduces Weld and NDT Costs:
Hot bend is a good way to reduce the number of welds and non-destructive costs and risks on the material.
Rapid Manufacturing:
Induction bending is a highly effective way of pipe bending, as it is fast, precise, and with few errors.

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