Structural Steel Fabrication For Facade Application

End Use: Building
Project Started & Completed: November 2019 – January 2020
Total Weight: 200 tons
• Purchasing Raw Material (with 3.1 certificate)
• CNC ribbing application on plates
• Structural Steel Fabrication according to EN 1090-EXC3. • QA/QC
• Transportation to Site (DDP/Netherlands)

Location: Netherlands

The parts seen in the pictures are used on a prestigious government building facade in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

A special galvanizing method is used, so sides and corners are grinded carefully.

The grooves were machined by means of a milling machine (3mmx3mm) and purpose of the ribs is to be able to adjust the parts to the matching location during the installation process of the metal piece to the building facade concrete.


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