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Pipe Support

Pipe support or pipe hanger is a designed element that transfers the load from a pipe to supporting structures. Before understanding the pipe support, it is necessary to understand this issue, what is a pipe.

What is a Pipe

A pipe is a general name given to materials that are usually cylindrical in shape and empty in the middle. Nowadays, in addition to transporting liquids, pipes are also widely used for transporting gases and chemicals. In addition, every day the developments in pipe production technologies allow the emergence of pipes that have higher qualities. Square-shaped pipes are also available, although this is not a very common case.

Pipes are classified in many different ways, especially the materials used in their production. YENA Pıpe continues to produce timely and high-quality products in this sector. YENA Pıpe offers you an advantage with its product line consisting of pipes, fittings, forged fittings and flanges of special sizes, quality and specifications that you will have difficulty purchasing.

Fuel Pipe
Fuel Pipe

What is Pipe Support

Pipe support or pipe hanger is a designed element that transfers the load from a pipe to supporting structures. The load includes the appropriate weight of the pipe, the contents carried by the pipe, all pipe fittings connected to the pipe, and pipe cladding such as insulation.

Pipe fittings and supports
Pipe fittings and supports

The four main functions of pipe support are to fix, guide, absorb shock and support a certain load. Pipe supports used in high or low temperature applications may contain insulating materials. The overall design configuration of a pipe support device depends on the installation and operating conditions. YENA Engineering provides services with more than 15 years of outstanding experience in the field of pipe components and slide supports.

Advantages of Pipe Support

• To prevent pipe stresses more than allowed.

• To eliminate leaks in the joints.

• To absorb excessive line vibrations.

• To counteract the undesirable effects of seismic, wind, water hammer, slug and other dynamic loads.

• To prevent unwanted separation of pipes from their supports.

• Prevent excessive pipe sagging.

• Eliminate the exposure of items to extreme temperatures outside the design limits.

• To protect sensitive equipment from overload.

• To direct the thermal movements of the pipe in the appropriate direction.

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Apart from all these advantages, pipe supports are used for many different reasons.

Pipe Supports for Carrying Weights

Pipe supports are necessary to support the line in all conditions, that is, during operation, as well as during testing. It is used to carry the weights of pipes passing through the line.

An Example of Pipe Support
An Example of Pipe Support

Pipe Supports for Receiving Thermal or Expansion Load

Thermal expansion is limited by pipe supports. The supports must be designed to October this load in addition to all other loads.

An Example of Useful Pipe Support
An Example of Useful Pipe Support

Pipe Supports Absorb the Vibration of the Pipe System

When the pipe is exposed to moving machinery or vibrating flow or very high velocity flow, especially if the gap is large, the pipe may begin to vibrate strongly and eventually fail. To avoid this, it may be necessary to introduce additional supports at a smaller range apart from other requirements.

Pipe Supports Transfer Earthquake Loads

An earthquake is normally associated with horizontal acceleration. This is taken into account when designing the pipe support, so that the earthquake can be damped.

Design and Selection of Pipe Support

The complex requirement of today’s pipe support design consists of components such as reliable operation, maintenance-free operation, economical and easy installation. The main criteria used in the selection of pipe support equipment are:

• Pipe support function,

• Pipe construction material the magnitude of the expected operational and empty load,

• Usable space limitations,

• Design temperature of the piping system,

• Expansion effects of piping systems,

• Compatibility of pipe joint and supporting building material,

• Pipe insulation/coating, material and thickness

• Environmental compatibility,

• Ease of use, inspection and installation.

Types of Piping Supports

Pipe Supports are classified according to the following parameters.

1- According to the connection with the pipe

  • Primary pipe support
  • Secondary pipe support

2- The support equipment is based on its robustness

  • Hard support
  • Flexible backing/ Elastic backing
  • Adjustable support

3- Based on pipe insulation

  • Pipe supports for hot insulation
  • Cold insulation pipe supports
  • Pipe supports for acoustic insulation

4- Based On The Source

  • Welded pipe support
  • Clamp pipe support

5- Based on the pipe support function

  • Rest support
  • Manual support
  • Axial stop or line stop
  • Anchor support

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