Machined Swivel Fabrication

End Use: Agricultural Machinery Part
Project Started & Completed: 07.04.2020-20.04.2020
Steel Grades: AISI 304L
Total Amount: 440 pcs
• Purchasing Raw Material (with 3.1 certificate)
• Fabrication (Laser Cutting, 3-Axis CNC Lathe, Welding Operation, Surface Treatment) • QA/QC (Dimension Controlled)
• Transportation to Site (DDP/Netherlands)
Location: Netherlands

YENA also produces small parts, like swivels seen in the pictures. Each swivel consists of 9 pieces, including AISI 304L machined and welded parts, gaskets, washers, and nuts. All parts are installed together and required tests are carried out before packing, including water leakage test.

In manufacturing we used Laser cutting, 3D Axis CNC lathe, robotic welding.

Client was also impressed with our QR code marking and neat packaging.


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