Interesting Truths About Steels

Steels are prominent materials among others thanks to its unique properties and flexible nature. It can be modified suitable to various applications. There is a tough competition in the building materials market nowadays. Many other materials like fiber reinforced plastics, wood and metallic composites can be a good option for particular applications. However, by a large margin, steel still resides as the most dependable and efficient option when compared to others. If you are still not sure about what makes steel is superior than others, you can read twelve interesting truths about steel materials in this article. These truths, in a way, can be also considered as fun facts to learn.

  1. Recycling of steel is one of the most convenient recycling operations. In United States of America, steel occupies a considerable percentage of 69% in whole recycling operations on its own against combination of all the other materials that are recycled. Institution of Steel Recycling states that recycled steel amount (in tons) has been reached to nearly 48 million and this amount is still increasing since the beginning of 2016.
  2. Waste of steels does not threat the environment. It is considered as an eco-friendly choice for commercial and industrial applications. All metals including steels can be theoretically 100% recycled due to their nature. Various studies on this topic indicates that approximately all of the steels used in different applications from steel packaging to automobile production, are recycled. Whenever customers buy steel materials, they are basically purchasing a product that has been recycled, maybe more than once.
  3. Considering the well-being of others is significant in steel industry. Iron and steel making companies have made massive amount of investments to counter air and water pollution caused by the production of steel and waste treatment infrastructure since the declaration of national Earth Day which was happened in 1970.
  4. It is not surprising that steel materials signifies the power and endurance, just like the Superman was named as “Man of Steel”. Steel owes this reputation to its tough and durable nature. For instance, high strength steels are utilized in the B-pillars vehicle to protect the passengers from the shock of impact in case of side collisions.
  5. Technological advancements in steel production make them more resistant to deformation and around 30% tougher when they are compared with steels produced ten years before.
  6. The left-over materials resulted from the manufacturing of steel can be used in the production of other metals such as zinc production.
  7. Steels are highly resistant to cracking, warping, twisting, rotting, splitting and settling. Therefore, it is an exquisite material to be used in structural components of a building.
  8. Another major benefit of steels are their food containment properties. Food packaging and storage is possible in steel cans. Nutrition values of a food is very well protected inside steel cans. They keep their freshness and you can be sure that they will not be spoilt inside a properly sealed steel can.
  9. Flexible nature of steel is one of its strong sides. It is a reason for preferring steel. Many industries such machinery, energy, automotive, transportation and packaging uses steel intensively.
  10. Steel is a suitable material for doors. It is usually used in bulletproof and fireproof doors. It is not just limited to protective purposes Steel doors can also be found in industrial or commercial buildings, stores, schools and hospitals. Their protective properties can be enhanced by adding chemical-resistant security measures. Steel is an excellent selection for exterior usage because it is resistant to rust, bowing and cracking. It can withstand harsh environmental conditions. If the building contains valuable assets inside, it would be wise to choose steel material in doors to protect them.
  11. Adaptation of steel is easy for different purposes. It has a broad field of usage. Collaboration of steel producers with architects makes any type of structural steel component possible with a great convenience.
  12. In the construction of the U. S. S. New York Battleship, steels salvaged from the World Trade Center was used. Whole battleship was constructed only out of these salvaged materials. Commission of this ship was done in 2009 and 7.5 tones steel was used in the construction. This ship can house nearly 700 Marines.

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