Steel Warehouse Building

Anchor plates for a warehouse project

Before we mention our steel warehouse building title, let’s take a look at what steel is. It is an alloy of steel, iron and carbon elements. Alloy also uses elements such as chrome, magnesium, cobalt, vanadium and tungsten. Carbon and other elements form alloys with iron, which acts as hardener. The elements and ratios added to the alloy determine the properties of steel, such as hardness, circumcision, stress point. For ease of use and many other reasons, steel is a highly used material in warehouses.

What is a steel structure warehouse?

Structural steel warehouses are manufactured in different characteristics, static and sizes, both domestic and abroad. Depending on the area in which the steel warehouse structure is to be installed, the type of insulation used on the walls and roof is among these variable offerings. It is very important to correctly identify this isolation. Because isolation plays a key role in protecting and extending the life of products stored in steel warehouses. Steel warehouses are very durable, robust and lightweight because the raw material is steel. Steel warehouses are highly preferred, thanks to the fact that it is a durable product that can be easily installed and removed, which is cheaper and more environmentally friendly, and its production is very fast.

What Metals are Warehouses Made of?

Warehouses can happen from various materials (concrete, steel, metal panels, etc.). Reinforced warehouses are not easy to install, but cost etc. in cases, less preferred than steel storage. Steel warehouses can be surrounded by metal warehouses when preferred, depending on the need. Thanks to the metal warehouses, the steel warehouses are easy to use and contribute to the heat insulation of the warehouse according to weather conditions.

How a Steel Warehouse is Built?

The prefabricated, removable (modular) steel structures prepared in the factory environment and included in the mounting area are covered and operated. Increases earthquake resistance by giving less than square meters of the load than other types of construction. It is a qualified static structure. The main benefits include steel construction, which allows for disassembly and installation elsewhere, can be expanded after installation and modified to suit the project. With this freedom of movement, your business expansion, transportation can be met in a very comfortable way. These magnificent structures, which can be achieved in a much more profitable way without problems such as corrosion, cracking, mechanical constraints of reinforced concrete structures, will not derail your commercial investments thanks to their 100% recyclable structure. As a YENA Engineering, we offer you an opportunity to achieve the greatest possible impact from a structure with minimal investment.

Assembly stage of a warehouse part
Assembly stage of a warehouse part

Steel Frame Warehouse

The steel frame system is a construction system made of high-strength steel materials such as columns, beams and upholstery. The steel construction system, a prefabricated system, has quality control and precision advantages over the concrete home system. The designs of steel frame structures are designed to suit their properties, such as concrete buildings. Steel structural members are significantly lighter than concrete, making them less susceptible to seismic loads. This greatly increases the resistance to earthquakes according to the reinforced concrete structures. Structural steel can be applied to any structure. Steel roofs, steel bridges, factories, warehouses, houses, schools, hospitals, warehouses, dorms, hotels, etc. Its purpose is very different, it is possible to use steel as a structural material in the construction of all kinds of structures. YENA Engineering has proven its effectiveness in this area as well as in any field.

Coating control by YENA Engineers
Coating control by YENA Engineers

In terms of cost, steel warehouse construction prices vary according to warehouse location, height, width, insulation type, project and customer needs. Prices may increase or decrease depending on the market and the current economic situation. The company and transport operation where the steel warehouse is required will also be reflected in the price.

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