Steel Frame Construction

An Example of Steel Frame Construction

Steel construction is a construction technique. The development of the vertical steel technique, built in a rectangular grid to support the floors, roofs, and walls of a building that is completely attached to the frame, has made it possible for steel construction houses to build multi-stage buildings and skyscrapers. Steel frame building systems are building systems in which building elements such as columns, beams, and slabs are manufactured from high-strength steel materials. A steel frame is a building structure procedure in which a structure has a skeleton frame consisting of vertical steel segments, built into a rectangular grid to assist the floors, roof, and dividers of a structure that are completely attached to the frame.

Why Steel Frame Construction?

The steel construction frame, which is prepared in advance according to the needs of the house to be built, is sewn into the shape that will form the house. This, in turn, creates an accelerating and strengthening effect on the construction process. The designs of steel frame structures are designed according to their technical specifications, just like in reinforced concrete buildings. Steel structural elements are much less exposed to earthquake loads because they are very significantly lighter than reinforced concrete. An important element of the steel frame is its flexibility. This increases their earthquake resistance very significantly compared to reinforced concrete structures. Steel structures can be applied in all kinds of purpose structures. In steel roof solutions, steel bridges, factories, warehouses, residential, schools, hospitals, dormitories, and hotels. The purpose of the use is very different, and it is possible to use steel as a building material in the construction of building types.

The structural steel frame is usually configured, formed, and upgraded to the appropriate standards. The steel frame structure is quite a suitable option for the development of different structures and high-rise units due to its quality, low weight, and speed of construction. Structural steel, depending on the carbon content, can have great moisture-proof properties. For more information about structural steels, you can contact YENA Engineering.

Another Example of Steel Frame Construction
Another Example of Steel Frame Construction

Is Steel Construction Cheaper?

If the question of whether steel or reinforced concrete is cheap is to be answered, steel frame houses provide a much greater price advantage compared to reinforced concrete. The use of steel for structural purposes was initially a rather slow process. This was because the processing of steel was a time-consuming process. In 1855, this situation changed. With the method called the Bessemer process, steel began to be processed much more easily. The Bessemer process was the first inexpensive industrial process for the mass production of steel from molten pig iron, before the development of the open furnace. The key principle was based on the removal of roughness by oxidation with air blown through the molten iron. Oxidation also raised the temperature of the iron mass and allowed it to melt. Thanks to this, steel production has become easier and the concept of steel construction (staalbouw) house has entered the field of the construction sector. Thanks to this process, inexpensive steels with high tensile and compressive strengths plus good flexibility began to be obtained.

What Are The Advantages of A Steel Construction

  • It has a lightweight structure: The first advantage that comes to mind when it comes to steel construction house models will be earthquake resistance. This is based on a basic principle of physics. The lighter a structure is designed, the less impact it will receive during an earthquake. Based on the principle of being much lighter than reinforced concrete structures built with known construction methods, steel house designs are earthquake resistant with their light weight. With these features, they can also be preferred in countries and cities in the special earthquake zone.
  • It can be easily installed: Steel construction houses and structures especially come to the forefront with their acceleration of construction time. Unlike houses and structures made by traditional construction methods and using concrete, houses made with steel construction are completed much more urgently. This is because they are based on a similar principle as prefabricated structures. Prefabricated house models are based on the principle of being prepared at the factory and assembled on site. Therefore, they are faster than houses built by classical methods.
  • Saves money: As we mentioned above, steel construction house structures are made in advance and assembled on site. In this way, they also help to have a more economical construction process. The functioning of a classical construction site may be interrupted from time to time for many different reasons. Unexpected decouples could include bad weather, public holidays, and unexpected disruptions. One of the reasons for this is that traditional construction sites have been standing for a long time. In pre-prepared steel constructions, this period is shortened because some parts of the construction processes are accelerated.
  • Heat and sound insulation are high: One of the outstanding features of steel construction houses and villas is insulation. These structures, which can be taken both insulated and uninsulated, provide services for different insulation needs. Steel construction, which can be insulated in the same way as reinforced concrete structures, has the highest level of sound insulation in houses and villas. For this reason, rehearsal spaces or recording studios for music makers can also be converted from such houses.

Disadvantages of Steel Frame Construction

There are steel frame construction disadvantages, the most frequent of which are:

  • Thermal conductivity
  • Their supporting structures are few

But these disadvantages, besides their advantages, remain very few.

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