Steel Anchor Plates for Facade Directly to Customer Site

Project: 8 tons Steel Parts for Facade Application 

Project Started & Finish: Feb 2021 – Mar 2021 

Total: 1224 pcs 


  • Purchasing Raw Material (with 3.1 certificate) 
  • Fabrication (Cutting, Welding, Surface Treatment) 
  • QA/QC 
  • Coating (Hot Dip Galvanizing) 
  • Transportation to Site (DDP/Netherlands) 

Location: Netherlands 

We finished the production of 1224 pieces 8-ton steel facade parts in a short time of 2.5 weeks and delivered the finished goods to the customer within 4 weeks. We are aware that the Brexit causes issues at the customs. Therefore, we accelerated our production process. The products are packaged separately for each stage in the construction according to the customer’s demands. We realize construction comes with a lot of urgent tasks, so we are accommodating to this for our customer. 

Raw materials are purchased (with 3.1 certificate). S355+J2N material was used to avoid cracking while bending. The order came with powder paint request. However, we informed them that this could cause delays in the production and offered hot dip galvanizing, which offers a longer covering lifetime out in the field. The customer agreed to this offer and galvanizing process was carried out according to 1461. Laser cutting process was accelerated by our BOLT 6020(8 kW) laser.

Special Packaging Options

We had a good communication with our client and understood their demands. We delivered products that were individually packaged and labeled for each floor in line with the customer’s request.

Dimensional Control

We know how critical Dimensional Control is for this job. That’s why we always check the products in the production area.

High Galvanize Quality

YENA only works with reliable manufacturers to achieve high galvanization quality.

Weekly Report

Every week, YENA provided our customer a report detailing the status of the process.

We are a European company, we produce in a low-cost country and deliver to your door.

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