Metal Greenhouse Structures

Metal Greenhouse Building

In this article, we are going to mention metal greenhouse buildings, but first, we will consider issues such as what is a greenhouse, what types of greenhouses exist and greenhouse materials. Greenhouses can be made of various materials: wood, PVC, and metal but the manufacture of greenhouses from a metal profile has its characteristics. Before proceeding with its construction, you will need to study some theoretical foundations. This will greatly facilitate construction work in the future. Greenhouses are often preferred. The construction of a greenhouse from a metal profile is the simplest, although completely different materials can be used for this.

What is Greenhouse Building?

To make appropriate air and environmental conditions within which plants will live, lined building components product of light-permeable materials like glass, plastic, covering material are known as greenhouses. In 1545, right away when the gap of the primary arboretum in Padua, Daniel Barbaro engineered the primary greenhouse in this garden. Stone and brick were employed in the structure, whereas there have been no windows. Some sensitive plants were taken to the present greenhouse in winter and planted back in their places with spring. It’s well-known that this can be the primary greenhouse well-known in history. Within the region where it had been established, all types of vegetables grown below natural conditions outside and fruit plants that may be thought of little in size are grown as turf and lined with glass or plastic. Within the cultivation of vegetables and fruits below cowl, most vegetables and fruits that want to grow solely in natural conditions and at bound times of the year, are currently grown up below cowl with developing technology, in alternative words, in greenhouses, in earlier times. Greenhouse cultivation with greenhouse kits is widely used in today’s technology.

Types of Greenhouses

According to their physical appearance:

  • Roofless greenhouses: They are installed between the two walls forming the decays in extremely inclined areas.
  • Single-roof greenhouses: They are installed on flat but small plots.
  • Multi-roof greenhouses: They are installed in large and flat areas.

According to their height:

  • Low roof greenhouses: If the region is cold and windy or the plants to be grown in the greenhouse are short, low roof greenhouses are installed here.
  • High-roof greenhouses: If the region is relatively warm or the plants to be grown in the greenhouse are tall, high-roof greenhouses are installed here.
An Example of Greenhouse Types
An Example of Greenhouse Types

What metal is used in greenhouses?

Steel material is used as the skeleton material in a metal greenhouse frame. The steels used in greenhouses are “normal structural steels.” It is offered on the market in the type of sheet, profile steel, and concrete steel. Reinforced concrete steels are used as reinforced concrete reinforcement in greenhouse steel frame foundation walls and waterlogging lines. Profile steels are used in the construction of the structural elements of greenhouses. Profile steels are steels that are shaped to resist direct loads. The shapes of the sections resemble rectangular or square shapes in static calculations.  Click here for more detailed information about this topic and structural steel.

An Example of a Metal Greenhouse Building
An Example of a Metal Greenhouse Building

Factors to consider when choosing a greenhouse building material:

  • The building material is inexpensive, sturdy, lightweight
  • Suitable for mass production
  • It should save energy
  • Easy to install and repair
  • Should not be affected by weather conditions
  • Be able to make adequate climate adjustments in the greenhouse

Points that need to be taken care of in the greenhouse establishment:

  • The direction of the greenhouse
  • Dimensions of the greenhouse
  • Basic walls of the greenhouse
  • The skeleton of the greenhouse
  • Greenhouse roof slope angle
  • Greenhouse cover

Is galvanized steel good for the greenhouse?

UV-doped polycarbonate sheets are used for greenhouse side coating. Polycarbonate sheets are fixed with galvanized profiles and gain resistance against the wind with galvanized sandwiches and printing slats. Polycarbonate also includes additives such as Anti-fog, IR, and Anti-virus. Impact resistance is 80 times better than glass. It is light but not fragile. Such characteristics can therefore be preferred.

An Example of a Galvanized Greenhouse Building
An Example of a Galvanized Greenhouse Building

The production processes of all these structures must undergo very strict inspection, and the layout must be quality-controlled. As YENA Engineering, we attach great importance to quality control and do fast, high-quality work. We know that quality products will result in a productive crop and we are working for this.

Quality Control
Quality Control

YENA Engineering offers you a wide range of products. With a commitment to continuously improving brand image, product quality, and service reliability. If you contact our qualified and experienced staff, we will offer quality products and timely support for you.

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