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Transparency in Outsourcing

Besides having great benefits, outsourcing projects sometimes come with problems. Companies may have difficultwith keeping informed on the state of their order coming from another country; at which stage the production is, whereabouts of the shipment etc. Inspection procedures are also troublesome during the pandemic period. Companies may not even be able to send an inspector to the production site to oversee the quality of their products. 

Weekly Reports

YENA pays a great deal of attention to the needs of their clients. As being aware of the importance of transparency during outsourcing operations, YENA sends a detailed report every week to inform the client. The report shows in which parts a progress was made during the week, what is the state of the entire production, quality report instructions and close-up photos of the completed products. YENA cares about long-lasting business relationships that are built on trust and maintain a transparent service. 

YENA is aware that the client would like to be informed about the production process. We provide weekly updates about your order and keep you updated. You can even follow the whereabouts of your products during shipment. 


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