Approval of our Production Sites

In July 2021, two of YENA’s production facilities are visited by one of the leading steel companies of Netherlands and they been both approved. The company wrote an excellent report about our facilities certified the quality of our production methods and machinery, and also the quality of the products.

As the inspector stated in his report, “For construction works according European regulation required certification is available.” and “Yena company is a Dutch/Turkish company with offices in Rotterdam and Istanbul Turkey. The company is performing production management including QA/QC for their clients, if required they can also perform engineering tasks for the project.”

YENA Facility I
Total Area: 6000 m2
Open Area: 1.500 m2
Working Area: 4.000 m2
Painting Area: 250 m2
Total Employees: 48;-White collar : 6 -Blue Collar : 42

Capacity of the facility is approximately 500 ton material/month. There are automated drill/cut machine for profiles and
plasma/drill for plates. Besides, there are fit stations and areas designated for welding, which are done with MAG solid wire.
Painting location is present and the area has medium storage area.

For workers there is an office. There are engineers on the site for daily work follow ups, welding engineering and QA/QC.
Also independent 3rd party inspectors are hired for projects to examine the production process.


YENA Facility II
Total Area: 13500 m2
Open Area: 4.000 m2
Working Area: 8.000 m2
Painting Area: 1.200 m2
Total Employees: 78 ;-White collar : 22 -Blue Collar : 56

Pre-blast and primer coating machine for plates and beams
CNC drilling and sawing machine
CNC plasma/drilling for plates.
Equipment for bending and guillotine cutting of plates
Several fitting stations
Weld areas. Welding with MAG solid wire, submerged arc welding and possibility of stud welding
under certification.
Rotation equipment for assemblies

The capacity of the facility 1200 ton/month.Coating shop is available, but on site no possibility to blast after fabrication, close by there are facilities available to do this when required.
On this facility Yena is also full time present when projects are running for PM, weld engineering and
QA/QC for the running projects. If required 3rd party inspection and/or Nace certified coating inspectors
are available for project support.



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