430 Tons of Steel Trusses (Steel Frames) Fabricated in 20 Days!

Final Usage: Warehouse building for an online shopping company
Project Started & Completed: Feb 2021- March 2021
Total Weight: 430 tons
• Purchasing Raw Material (with 3.1 certificate)
• Structural Steel Fabrication according to EN 1090-EXC2.
• Transportation to Site (DDP/Netherlands)


Location: Netherlands

Project was on a tight schedule so our main goal was to produce quickly.

S275JR—S355JR box profiles weighing 410 ton were obtained from a local mill. The order was completed in just 2 weeks.
In production phase, fit-up and welding areas were redesigned by our engineers to increase the efficiency. The finished steel trusses are measured at 23.5 meter each and a storage area outdoors of the facility was arranged.

The products were transported via land by specialized 24 meter trucks, which can be seen in the pictures.

The second and final lot was ready for delivery 30 days after our first shipment and was sent to Antwerp port (Belgium). Here again, transport to clients site took place by 24-meter trucks.

The remaining lot had been prepared to be shipped in 30 days after the first shipment and was sent to the port. In Belgium, the same specialized 24 meter trucks transported the goods to our client quality of the products.

Box Profiles in Different Size

We produced box profiles in different sizes in accordance with the standards.

Complete and Quick Service

YENA fulfilled the ITP requirements, at the same time successfully completed all shipping, customs and testing processes within 20 days.

Quality Production

The inspector worked full time throughout the entire manufacturing process, ensuring that the quality of the product was maintained.

Weekly Report

Every week, YENA provided our customer a report detailing the status of the process.

Faster Than Local Producer

We understood our cutomers needs  fully and worked with the supplier that best suited their needs. In this way, we were faster than our local competitors.

Money Saving

Competitive prices and quality production. YENA prides itself of providing both at the same time.

We are a European company, we produce in a low-cost country and deliver to your door.


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