Bilfinger SE


Fabrication of 9 skid units for power plant.

In 2015 Bilfinger Germany contacted us, asking a quotation for 9 skid units of Astrankaya Power Plant, in Russia.

However the delivery should be partially done by river transport. The river is frozen all winter, and available only in summer period.

We had only 4 weeks including procurement, manufacturing, packing and even free issue material import from Germany to install on the skids.

Even though Bilfinger had many subcontractors, none of them could accept the extremely tight delivery term.

We were the only company accepted the given delivery term.

We completed the manufacturing within 3 weeks and 1 week for export packaging of skid units.


Fabrication is done in our Arkon premises. Bending and sand blasting works are outsourced in approved vendors locally, within our control.


In order to make the delivery in time, we arranged non stop fabrication of 3 shifts a day.

While increasing the manpower, we also increased the number of the quality control employee.

Quality and Documentation

Quality control documentation was done by us, and NDT was outsourced to a local company. The documentation file is prepared according to Bilfinger requirements.


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