To What Extent Should My Drawings Contain Details for an Accurate Cost Approximation?

It is usually irresistible to get an immediate answer from the fabricator in order to predict the ups and downs of the pathway ahead when initial decisions are being made in a production project. You need to have a general perspective about what you will be dealing with, which includes costs, deadlines and customer expectations.

Before you start, you should be aware of the reality that all initial estimations solely depend on the details you transfer to authorities whom will be responsible from the fabrication processes. In order to increase the estimation accuracy, you would be better off providing as much detail as possible, every inch a drawing. Therefore, the most ideal situation is when you provide all of the necessary detailed design drawings for regarding your project.

Obtaining High Accuracy in Your Estimations

The desire to gather essential information to make quick and accurate estimations is hard to resist. However, you should not roll up your trousers before reaching the stream. Unplanned actions may cause irrevocable problems throughout your fabrication project.

Collaboration of project owner and fabricator on the detailed design presents the most ideal circumstances for everybody. One can estimate the way of project best with the help of these drawings. Consider all the trials and errors in the process which cause loss of time and money. Possessing final detailed drawing always strengthen your hand by keeping the costs low and estimating the overall budget.

Timesheets and Scheduling

There is no doubt that ordered scheduling and planning end up with decent project management.

Integrating the essentials of project management to the producer’s production plan will lead to proper scheduling.

It consists:

  • Selecting the right team players for your project
  • Preparing the raw materials required for production
  • Ensuring that all reference codes are correct
  • Possessing every detailed information about whole project to avoid bad surprises along the way

Providing the producer all detailed drawings instead of drafts, which is going to be changed later, will prevent the occurrence of most of the possible problems in the future.

Recommendations and Other Materials

It is strongly advised that the final drawings should be approved by an engineer for soundness of the project. Possessing all of the final drawings makes producer confident about costs, equipment, labor and materials estimation. If the producers have enough experience in these kind of production projects, additional suggestions can be acquired from them to decrease costs, raw materials and time, which leads to efficiency increase. Remember to make use of experts but do not forget that this could only be effective when enough data is provided in your drawings.


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