Small Parts




Outsourcing, consultation, inspection


100+ Containers

Samet Kalip is one of the largest furniture accessory and fitting company in the region.

We started to work with SAMET to support their Far East sourcing activities.

We worked together for products which requires metal forming and machining include with forging/drilling/packaging.

Within 3 years over 100 containers steel materials are shipped from far east to Samet. In final we supply price advantage, high quality packaging and delivery in time.

Metal Forming Parts

We are working with any kind of metal parts from 100 gr. to 20 tons single pcs.

Small Parts, Large Quantities.

In some cases we worked with our Client with large quantities of steel furnitare accessories.

Significant Quality Improvement Within Short Time.

3 moths after starting working with us, the reject rates reduces 70%.

We are happy to see the progress.


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