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Hot induction bended pipes OD: 330mm, 610mm & 1200 mm


200 Tons

Nurol Construction is a large construction company. One of the group factories is located in Qatar, named Nurol Gulf.

Nurol Gulf has completed many critical projects in middle east including fabrication and erection jobs.

Sidra Hospital project is one of the most spectacular project, with its large canopy pipes, in Qatar.

Nurol Gulf worked as one of the subcontractors for Sidra Hospital project.

At first client consulted us to find a solution for their pipe need from China. The European manufacturers delivery term could not fit the project needs. The aim was to make 1200mm pipes produced in China, and sent to bending facility in Europe.

We negotiated with client to source them the pipes including hot induction bending.

Pipe Procurement

We supplied the pipes from 2 different factories, with 3.2 certificates. The deliveries of the pipes to bending facility is also arranged by our team.

Pipe Bending

Pipe bending is done in a factory in China. All equipment approval is done by our team.

YENA team write the bending procedures, and supervised the fabrication, run the quality control.

Quality Control and Progress reports

Then quality control and progress reports are sent to client weekly.

The job completed in time with full satisfaction.

Shipment is planned and supervised by the YENA team and completed in time.


Thanks to YENA QC Team, the installation was done smoothly.


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